Maximising Ease of Use for effective design and increased ROI

What if you your website could have:-
* 300% increase in shoppers completing a shopping basket?
* 37% more customers successfully completing payments?
* 72% more people buying on-line rather than reverting to other methods?

Research suggests (see details) that this is the potential being lost by websites simply through poor Usability - and itís not just about websites!

Business Benefits of High Usability
* Improved user experience and satisfaction
* Increased visitor to customer conversion
* Improved transaction/ task completion
* Navigation flaws eliminated
* Increased repeat usage and referrals
*  Fewer technical and customer support calls

Eliminating or reducing errors and confusion also frequently means:-
* Fewer order errors and consequent returns
* Fewer complaints
* Reduced cost of support and ownership
............ all key impacts on your bottom line!


Inspections & Evaluations
We offer specialist inspections and evaluations for Websites, systems, services or products including:-

  • Basic Usability Healthchecks
  • Heuristic inspections against industry standard criteria
  • Competitive Comparative assessments against rival sites

Reassuringly, addressing usability requires only small investment either to overcome concerns in the performance of an existing site, or at the earliest stages of planning to inform the design process.

User Observation
The optimal way to explore user reaction and acceptance is through specialist user observations. We can offer a range of user observation studies tailored to your detailed needs, requirements and budget.

Usability in Design
Including usability in the early phases of development of website, application, service or product brings out potential user problems at a time when they can be resolved at minimal cost.  Rework costs increase exponentially from initiation to post implementation.

User Centred design services include profiling, user case development, prototyping, user observation and trialing.

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A couple of thoughts:-
"Everyone's shop window is the same size on the Web" (the size of your screen) and
"Your nearest competitor is only a key click away".

Traditional competitive advantage came with premises, people, access, merchandising, parking etc., which don't feature on the web, where desire to do business comes essentially from the screen in front of you. If your visitor doesn't like what they see, they don't even have to walk out of the door, but simply click the next name on the search listing ... gone forever!

HIGH USABILITY vastly increases the ability of your website or system to meet client needs in the way
they want, creating customer satisfaction, a strong buying motive and a loyal user   ...... now that's Competitive Edge!

The High Cost of Low Usability


A study by Zona Research showed that
62% of online shoppers gave up at least once whilst looking for an item they wanted

42% returned to traditional channels
to actually make a purchase

.. and a US banking study found that
one third of people opening on-line bank accounts, closed them within1 year
-of these half said it was because they were too hard to navigate.

A study by Bizrate found that 75% of respondents abandoned a shopping
cart before completion.

According to Forrester 27% of all Web transactions are abandoned at payment stage.

Creative Good found that 43% of bookings fail because of bad website Usability.

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