IT Dexterity through Dexter-IT. Our services combine several key aspect of effectiveness for IT which are frequent and major causes of poor IT solutions, systems and applications.

INTERMEDI-IT (get best fit solutions to your business needs, from It dept or supplier)
Generating absolute clarity from strategy to requirement definition, we bridge the gap between IT and User/ Business communities. Applicable at all levels from Board level to project teams both Intra and Inter company

DEVEOP-IT (customised tool / application development)
Customised application development to produce truly effective IT solutions from standard platforms at a fraction of the cost of bespoke applications.

DEVELOP-IT (Web) (customised web site development)
Fast, economic Web presence design including template based designs allowing sites to be operational in days for only a few hundred pounds.

USABIL-IT (maximising Ease of Use for effective designs)
Poor Usability (or Ease of Use) costs businesses huge amounts in lost client opportunities, customer satisfaction and potential revenue every
day.  We offer specialist usability services from User Centred design and prototyping to Heuristic Inspections and User observations.

PROCESS-IT (Effective process design / re-engineering)
Business process improvement and IT are strongly linked. We offer a Business Process Analysis and Redesign service
- allied to or independently of our other services.
This includes process consultancy and troubleshooting - both within and between organisations. 

COACH-IT (Specialist coaching for teams and individuals)
We also offer a range of specialist coaching services on IT focused issues.  From Executive Coaching and Leadership development
to Sales performance and stress handling we use professional coaching allied to industry expertise to optimise the benefit to you.

Take a look at the areas of most interest or contact us for a friendly discussion of your requirements.

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