Effective process design / re-engineering

Are all aspects of your business working at peak efficiency and effectiveness? Do all the key tasks and activities interwork to maximum effect?  Do your clients find your organisation a pleasure to deal with?

* Few small / Medium businesses can justify specialist Business Process skills on the    payroll. Yet excellent business processes both reduce costs and aid customer
* External specialists generally provide greater objectivity about your business
   processes - adding diversity and alternatives to your knowledge of your business
   and markets

Business process improvement and IT are often inter-linked.  We offer a Business Process Analysis and Redesign service - allied to, or independently of our other services.
This includes process consultancy and troubleshooting - both within and between organisations.

An engagement will usually involve a sequence of interviews and workshops to establish stakeholders, participants and ‘victims’ of processes together with thorough examination of interfaces and exchanges.
From an established base further workshop activity will focus on creativity in design, prototyping and testing.

Troubleshooting in this area has also been responsible for identification of mismatches, misunderstanding and mis-operation of inter departmental and inter company processes (notably in outsourcing and outtasking situations) which have resulted in the saving of multi million pound accounts.


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