Customised development and tailoring of tools, applications and web resources to meet your particular business needs

Delivering cost efficient tailoring of IT applications and tooling to Small and Medium sized businesses, to really harnessing IT to the needs of businesses.
* Customised tooling allow you to work in the way you want rather than being driven by ‘typical’ approaches
* Tooling typically based around standard platforms (eg Msoft Office, Lotus Smartsuite) for familiarity and economy.
* Affordable for requirements from basic spreadsheet design, document / template design - to databases and Information architectures
* Cost efficient Website design
* User centred design focus for high Usability

DEVEOP-IT - Customised application development. Most Small and Medium businesses lack specialist skills & resource to customise applications to best satisfy their needs, frequently ‘making do’ with inadequate tools or missing opportunities for better solutions.  Customised design and development of solutions in areas such as spreadsheet and document design and automation, databases and application integration, can produce truly effective IT solutions from standard packages at a fraction of the cost of bespoke applications.

DEVELOP-IT (Web) - Nowhere is the exploitative potential of IT better demonstrated than in e-commerce and web design. 
We work with clients to design the best visitor experience from their sites, tailored to their clients (not to web developers!); and to implement the most effective form of solution. This includes Template designs allowing sites to be developed and operational quickly and at minimal costs (some clients have highly successful sites operating in a few days at costs of only a few hundred pounds)

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