Specialist Coaching for Managers, Execs, Professionals & teams

Just a couple of statistics ...
of managers claim they would benefit from coaching/ more coaching
93% felt that coaching should be available throughout the workplace
(survey by the Chartered Management Institute/Lloyds TSB)

529% Return on Investment measured for Executive Coaching,
(US study by MetrixGlobal LLC)

Business, professional and Executive coaching is increasingly recognised as an extremely effective way of delivering both development of skills and achievement and providing support for individuals and teams. Typical results include:-

* Increased achievement
   * New confidence and skills
   * Stress reduction / return to work
   * Increased creativity
   * Better motivation
   * Better leadership

Nowhere are these more valuable than in the IT sector.

COACH-IT combines professional coaching with extensive IT industry experience delivering a first rate IT coaching service for both user & supplier organisations.

Applicable from Board Level executives through management and supervisors to professionals and key staff - coaching stimulates the individualís abilities, creativity and motivation, breaking through perceived barriers and expanding their potential  to increase performance, effectiveness and enjoyment.

We offer both corporate and personal programmes, working one to one, with groups, or in any combination.


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