About Us

We are passionate about helping businesses maximise effectiveness of IT investment, by harnessing the power of IT to the real Business agenda.

Dexter-IT is a portfolio of Services from Unique Advantage a consultancy and coaching organisation focused on IT and IT related performance and effectiveness.

To motivate, facilitate and harness an enhanced level of understanding between individuals and organisations on both sides of the technology chasm, we have a portfolio of skills gained in a number of leading international corporations.

    * Business Consultancy
    * IT and communications consultancy
    * Programme and project management
    * Facilitation, intermediation and coaching
    * Infrastructure deployment
    * Sales and Management
    * Business Development and marketing
    * Executive and Business Coaching
    * Application design and tooling
    * Business Analysis
    * Business Management systems
    * Workshop facilitation and training
    * User Interface Design and Evaluation

We would be delighted to answer any questions or to discuss any aspects of your requirements:-


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