Welcome to Dexter-IT

Information Technology is:-
         ‘a massive enabler of business capable of generating huge cost 
         efficiencies, productivity gains and competitive advantage’

or sometimes
         ‘a confusing, expensive, resource hungry overhead - which confounds
         business people and alienates staff and clients alike’.

Dexter-IT is about ensuring your IT is always in the first category!

We provide a range of specialist services for small and medium sized businesses, which bridge the chasm between business and technical worlds, ensuring that solutions meet the needs of users and protect your investment and interests.

We have a simple aim, to facilitate your gaining maximum effectiveness from your IT investment and achieving IT solutions which delight your staff and customers and work for your business.

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As an IT User have you ever had:-
* an IT project go wrong or fail to deliver on time?
* a confusing or complex system when you were seeking simplicity?
* an IT solution which fails to match your wants and needs?
* disputes with suppliers over specifications and function?
* a new system or application largely ignored as users revert to old systems?
* a big sense of lost opportunity?

As an IT department or Supplier have you ever had:-
* a delivery project go wrong or fail to deliver on time?
* a simple solution complicated by changing specifications?
* users unhappy about things never in specifications - and scope creep?
* disputes with customers over specifications and function?
* margins eroded by rework and support for unforeseen factors?
* a big sense of lost opportunity?


If so, invest a few moments to see if we can help.

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